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Unit 15, Daniels Industrial Estate, Stroud,
Gloucestershire. GL5 3TJ
Tel:  01453 840333
Fax: 01453 762331 Mobile: 07785 224492

Email: enquiries@gascompressor.co.uk
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Central Compressor Consultants take pride in the service we offer our customers. This is of prime importance throughout our company and all our endeavours are directed to that end.

Whether a new or reconditioned machine is sold, whether a customer requires a complete service on his machine, or even if his request is for a small gasket or "O" ring he will receive the same courteous attention.

Central Compressor Consultants are incorporating ISO9002 quality standards into our organisation, which will improve the service we offer to out customers.

Our service department controls a fleet of fully equipped service vehicles each with its own highly qualified Service engineer. These can be on site in a matter of hours to rectify any problems you may have with your compressors.

Central Compressor Consultants appreciate that down time is expensive and the resulting loss of production is lost forever.

We offer a comprehensive service from our sales / technical division, which encompasses all aspects of your compressor requirement from initial enquiry through to supply, installation and commissioning of your plant.

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