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Unit 15, Daniels Industrial Estate, Stroud,
Gloucestershire. GL5 3TJ
Tel:  01453 840333
Fax: 01453 762331 Mobile: 07785 224492
Oil Free Compressor Experts UK
Oil Free Compressor

UK Oil Free Compressor Experts

Oil Free Compressors serviced and supplied by us are used in environments where high quality air is a premium.

Instrumentation and control, surface demand living, low pressure breathing air for hazardous environments and other exacting applications, typically hospitals, food processing, wine bottling, heating and ventilating - all areas where customers cannot rely on filtration alone and 100% Oil Free Air is required.

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Oil Gas Compressor when High quality Air is Premium - Oil Gas Compressor
Oil Free Compressor - Hospitals Food Processing Wine Bottling and ventilation - Oil Free Compressor